QMS Combination and Oily Skin

QMS Combination Skin and Oily Skin

Typical symptoms of oily skin include an extremely shiny, oily appearance, enlarged pores and the presence of pimples or blackheads. This condition often occurs in young people during puberty, but many women also struggle with shiny skin prone to irregularities in later life as well.

The Ultra-Effective Facial Skincare Routine

The sebum glands are responsible for this problem. Their task is to keep our skin smooth and protect it against harmful environmental influences. If they are working in high gear, however, they produce too much sebum that can collect in the pores. Combination skin – with shiny skin in the T-zone – is closely related to this skin type. The right skincare routine for oily skin and combination skin can dissolve excessive sebum production and prevent it from occurring in the future.

The innovative facial skincare for oily and combination skin from QMS:

• Thorough facial cleanser for oily skin and combination skin
• Exfoliating peeling
• Ultra-effective collagen serum for day and night
• Gently de-puffing eye care
• Gentle detox care

When the sebum glands are working in high gear and producing too much sebum, it can collect in the pores. The pores then become enlarged, while the skin appears shiny and is prone to acne. An efficient beauty routine with innovative skincare products from QMS can regulate sebum production and remove the excess oil already produced. Our range encompasses premium skincare products with ultra-effective active substances for treating oily skin and combination skin.

Step 1: Thorough facial cleansing for oily skin and combination skin If you are prone to oily skin, thorough cleansing with a face wash for oily skin is especially important. Our Deep Gentle Cleanser helps reliably free the pore of excess sebum, which can prevent the formation of pimples and blackheads. At the same time, the high-quality emulsion also nourishes the skin and restores its natural balance.

Step 2: Exfoliating peeling A peeling removes dead skin cells and supports the skin in the regeneration process. Specially formulated for the needs of oily, impure skin, our Gentle Exfoliant Daily Lotions should be applied in the morning and evening. Because they remain on the skin, they continue clarifying the complexion and exerting an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.

Step 3: Ultra-effective collagen serum for day and night Even if oily or combination skin is often shiny, this does not mean that it is adequately moisturized. Supply your skin with regular moisture for oily skin to give it a healthy glow. Our innovative Day Collagen Serum lastingly hydrates oily skin and keeps it smooth and plump. Augment your routine with our Night Collagen Serum to stimulate regeneration of your skin overnight.

Step 4: De-puffing eye care The sensitive, thin skin in the eye area needs additional, intensive care. This makes it important to choose a highly effective product such as our Epigen Depuff Pollution Shield Eye Serum. Pleasantly light, this serum has been optimally formulated for the needs of oily skin. It comes with a ceramic applicator and leaves the skin around the eyes looking fresh and firm.

Step 5: Gentle detox care When skin becomes too dry, sebum production is stimulated again. A rich moisturizer for oily skin is therefore essential. Our Epigen Pollution Defense Day & Night Gel-Cream is intensively hydrating and provides optimum facial skincare for oily skin and combination skin.


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