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It not only the face requires skincare and attention to the skin, since the skin is you largest organ and first line of defense against pollution and the elements even diseases and infections, don't neglect any part of skin and keep it cleansed, moisturised and healthy. Dry skin areas such as heals, knees require different products and care compared to your belly skin and other body areas. We have large selection of TOP products that will not only keep your body skin looking healthy but beautiful as well. Browse the individual categories and products to discover the most suitable body care products for your skin.

AFRIDERM Body Butter 200ml

R 91.20 R 95.00

AFRIDERM Exfoliating Body Scrub 300ml

R 96.00 R 100.00

NUXE Reve de Miel Rich Cleansing Gel Face and Body 400ml

R 355.20 R 370.00

ObeyYourBody Shea Nut Body Butter (Ocean) 200ml

R 450.00

Pharmaclinix Lightenex Body Lotion 250ml

R 1,392.00 R 1,450.00

AHAVA Purifying Mud Soap 100gm

R 230.40 R 240.00

AHAVA Mineral Hand Cream 100ml

R 395.00 R 430.00

AFRIDERM Hand and Body Lotion 150ml

R 56.64 R 59.00

AHAVA Mineral Body Lotion 250ml

R 485.00 R 530.00

Noreva EXFOLIAC Drying Lotion 125ml

R 200.00 R 210.00

AHAVA Natural Dead Sea Salts 250gm

R 201.60 R 210.00

AHAVA Moisturising Salt Soap 100g

R 230.40 R 240.00

Pharmaclinix Acnex 50ml

R 1,036.80 R 1,080.00

ObeyYourBody Shea Nut Body Butter (Paris) 200ml

R 450.00

AHAVA Mineral Foot Cream 100ml

R 395.00 R 430.00