CZ Skin Remedy

Recent studies show that a growing number of people experience symptoms such as redness, tightness, prickling. Sensitive skins tend to overreact to the elements (wind, sun, heating), to cosmetics and even to water. Overexfoliating, prolonged stress and incorrect product usage can cause bouts of sensitivity even in healthy skins.

COMFORT ZONE Remedy Toner 200ml

R 437.00 R 460.00

COMFORT ZONE Remedy Cream 60ml

R 845.50 R 890.00

Comfort Zone Clear Skies Forcasted Kit

R 332.50 R 350.00

Comfort Zone Goodbye Turbulance Soothing Kit

R 332.50 R 350.00

COMFORT ZONE Remedy Serum 30ml

R 921.50 R 970.00

COMFORT ZONE Remedy Defense Cream 60ml

R 973.75 R 1,025.00

COMFORT ZONE Remedy Cream to Oil 150ml

R 361.00 R 380.00