Have you ever felt the tickling of an ant crawling on your fingers? Have you ever felt the embrace of the sea breeze? Me too. I feel, just as you do. If I am thirsty, I need to drink. I feel a chill if I am looked upon with desire. And I get angry when I am not listened to. I like to feel. I like to feel the cool water of the river, a gentle caress, rain on my face, the heat of the sun. I like to breathe, take in the beauty that surrounds me, feel beautiful, look after myself and be looked after. Look upon myself, show myself off, be accepted without being abandoned, be protected without being covered up. What’s wrong with being beautiful? I feel, just as you do. Because you are me. Because I am your skin. Your skin talks. Listen.

ISDIN available online in South Africa, AbsoluteSkin is authorised and proud reseller of this esteemed range skincare products. Free Shipping Options, Best prices always!

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