1) Is using my Credit Safe?

a) You may also pay by EFT (Internet Transfer)  or direct bank deposit into our bank account, we cannot ship goods without payment.

c) We do not have access or keep your credit card details at all. When making payment by Credit or Debit Card you are automatically transferred to a page from the VCS payment gateway - a South Africa online credit card payment gateway authorised by all of the South African banks. For further information please go to query at your bank.

d) is a secure website and registered as such with GEOTRUST (SLS/SSLS), and employs all the latest security technologies accepted by the South African Banks including all the International banks as well.

c) NEW! NEW! 3D secure (Online Credit Card Security) is a new compulsory Security System for online stores to enhance the security of your Credit Card transaction. this is how it works, At the checkout you asked for the payment method, Click on Credit Card (Master or Visa) and enter your card details as normal, Once completed you will be asked by you bank to verify your card. You need only do this once to enable to use you card for at any store for online shopping. However every time you purchase your bank will send you an SMS with an OTP number that you will need to enter into the Password section to enable the transaction to proceed. Very easy to do and Very secure. The local banks are guaranteeing 3D secure transactions 100%.

2) Are your goods genuine and not bogus copies?

a) All our products are supplied by the appointed South African Distributors for the individual brand names or supplied by the manufacturer in the case of South African Brands e.g. Esse, Beaucience, Just Pure and SalonCare. Please visit these websites and contact these sites to validate AbsoluteSkin should you have any doubts about our authenticity. We are authorised resellers of all the brand names and thier products on our online store.

b) You may check out our authentication by contacting any of our suppliers.

c) We would be liable under the Consumer Protection Act. and possibly would have to close our website down, this does not make business sense due to the high cost of setting up and maintaining a website such as

d) The suppliers of the genuine brand name would sue us and close us down immidiately, should we be guilty of any such mal-practices.

We do not resell any products to websites such as, etc.

3) Are you a genuine South African online website?

a) Yes we are! All our details are on the website and we are fully contactable, we are registered South African Company - Reg no 2012/209371/07 - Absoluteskin Cosmetics (Pty) Ltd. You are most welcome to call Cheryl on 081 554 7937or Franz on 083 253 8716 who are the joint Directors.

b) Our suppliers will also gladly confirm our genuiness, as they deal with us on almost a daily basis and have appointed us as an authorised online stockist.

c) Most bogus websites will want to make it difficult for you to contact them.

4) Is my purchase delivery guaranteed:

a) Yes! your purchase delivery is guaranteed, all shipments are insured and supported by tracking facilities - Should a parcel go missing e.g. shipped via SAPO (Free Shipping method) or our Courier service company - we will replace the parcel for you at our expense.

b) All delivery times are as per the individual couriers terms and conditions. We cannot guarantee delays due to the Courier delays, as that is out of our hands. However we will contact the courier and query any delays - Our policy is to provide you, our customer, with the best and speediest delivery service available.

c) We now offer 5 different delivery options plus international delivery method for countries across our borders.

5) Do you sell products that have passed their "sell by date"?

a) All our stock on arrival "sell by dates" are checked and registered and are again checked prior to shipment to our customers and re-registered.

b) Should a customer receive a faulty or incorrect product we will gladly replace it at our cost.

c) Again you as a customer are protected by the Consumer Protection Act.

6) Are your stock on hand products stored properly?

a) All our stock on hand products are stored according to the requirements as set out by the individual manufacturers, this ensures our clients that the products they receive are new, fresh and in the best possible condition.

7) Do you buy large volumes of stock to get better prices from your suppliers?

a) NO! we only buy stock according to a week or 2 week  sales and these items are replaced on a weekly basis and again this rolling stock method ensures freshness and good product condition for our clients.

b) Products which are slow moving are placed in our "ON SALE" catagory and are then either taken off our website as a product or replaced with new and fresh products. Over stocked products or products that have not sold or are approaching thier expiry date are sold in the "Clearance Sale" Catagory" at greatly reduced prices.

8) Do you buy stock from closing down Shops, Auctions or the Grey market?

a) No! our reputation would suffer dramatically should we do this. We have authentic supply contracts in place with the genuine South African distributors of all our brands that we market. Nor do we sell old stock with old packaging etc.

9) How come you give such big discounts?

a) The discounts that are given to our clients and potential clients, are the best possible discounts we can afford to give.

b) Clients in remote areas have the same discount benefits as clients in urban areas.

b) We give these discounts to attract as many clients as possible to purchase online from AbsoluteSkin in order to grow our online store and to remain South Africa's No1 online skincare store
10) Why do you have so many shipping options?

We provide the following shipping options to suit all our clients.

a) SAPO (Free shipping above R300.00) normal parcel post (3-5 days delivery anywhere in South Africa (Counter to Counter)

b) SAPO Speed Services R40.00 (Overnight to main centres or dependant on location)  (Courier services anywhere in South Africa) (Counter to Counter)

c) Courier R40.00 Overnight delivery for orders under R500.00 . (Door to Door) (Major, Metropolitan Centres)

d)Courier FREE  Overnight delivery. for orders over R500.00 (Door to Door)(Major, Metropolitan Centres)

e) International shipping charges - aprox 7 to 14 days depending on destination. rates are based on order value
11) Where is your SHOP?

We do not have shop as such, we are an Online Store and sell via our online store deliver to you door overnight courier or vo SAPO.

12) Do I still get my 3% loyalty discount if I do a Direct bank deposit?

Oh yes! you still get your 3% loyalty credited to your account for you to use as a discount the next time you buy.

13) Can I buy any other way from you?

Yes you can send us an e-mail,SMS or phone us with what you wish to purchase and we can do the transaction you.

14) If you have opened 2 or more accounts.

Please let us know so we can cancel one for you, Your loyalty points can only be added to 1 account.

16) Do carry enough stock of all the products?

With over 1000 products on our website it is almost impossible to carry enough stock of all the products, we do carry considerable stock of the most popular items and then lessor of the not so fast sellers, and even some stock of the slow sellers. Skin care brands where our suppliers are more than 1 days delivery from our stores we carry the full range of products and for most brands we can ship with in 24 hours. 

It can be that we and our suppliers are out of stock of a particular product then we will notify you and you may either cancel the product or place it on back order so we can deliver it we it arrives.

17) Why do I receive so many e-mails:

When you have placed an ordfer your will receive the following e-mail:

a) The Order/Invoice that you placed

b) Awaiting fulfillment (order process of being packed or not yet ready to be shipped.)

c) Awaiting shipment (Order reday to be picked by courier or ready to be taken to the Post office for shippment.)

d) Shipped -Your order has been collected by the courier or taken to the Post office for shipping to you.

e) An e-mail telling you that your parcel has been shipped and telling what your tracking number is, instructions how to track your number, Please give some time to the courier and or Post Office to upload the tracking info onto their systems.

Should you have any questions not covered in the above then please contact us.