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The Great Living Co.


The Great Skin Co., is our label dedicated to creating potions out of nature's awesomeness! We believe that labs cannot produce better ingredients than what is available in mother nature. All we need for healthy and beautiful skin is available from nature. We take our inspiration from the multitude of Ayurveda inspired recipes that has been in our co-founder's family for generations. All our formulations focus on repair, renewal and rejuvenation and have been created with absolutely no chemicals or preservatives. We are steadfastly against animal testing and will never test our products on cute bunnies!

The Great Living Co., curates and creates products that matter to us and the world. Did you know that plastic is the most common items found on beaches all over the world? We think that's wrong & we are committed to doing our part.

We hope you feel inspired to be better & do better and if just changing a little habit by choosing some or all of your products can make a small difference, then we think you're on the right track. - So are you ready to make the switch?


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