Tea Infusion Skincare

TEAOLOGY a Luxury Italian skincare range patented a method of hot tea leaves infusion from which we obtain a real we get a real beauty elixir that maintains the active principles of tea unaltered. polyphenols, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids. The antioxidant efficiency of Tea Infusion Skincare has been clinically proven by independent studies conducted by a prestigious Italian University and later confirmed by anti-pollution tests. The anti-pollution tests are made by a Research Center specialized in the evaluation of the efficiency of dermo-cosmetic formulas.

TEAOLOGY Tea Glow is an alcohol-free exfoliating lotion that combines the purifying and antipollution properties of Green Tea infusion with the exfoliating, anti-impurities power of salicylic acid. When used daily, it instantly brightens the face, shrinks pores and leaves the complexion looking fresher, smoother and more even.

TEAOLOGY Hyaluronic Acid infusion clinical results confirm that the skin is instantly moisturised after 15 minutes, as well as improves the skins softness, firmness and has significant improved effect on long-term moisturisation.

In South Africa AbsoluteSkin markets and resells Teaology Tea Infused Skincare Products - Various Tea types are used and these in turn are suitable for specific skin types or suitable for all skin types. 

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