Hannon Diet Coffee South Africa


A full-bodied Cappuccino which will help kick-start your metabolism, burn fat, reduce inflammation, increase your energy levels, suppress your appetite, assist in removing waste from your colon as well as optimize the fat burning process. This will assist in enhancing vitality by improving overall mental and physical health and will improve the immune system. Best results can be expected if used in conjunction with a calorie-controlled diet.


Add two level scoops in a cup (tea cup size) and add 250 ml boiling water. If needed add sweetener.


Not to be taken if pregnant, breast feeding or trying to fall pregnant. Not to be taken if suffering from serious illness, chronic illness or a compromised immune system.

Consult with a medical doctor before use if currently on medication or chronic medication Not recommended for children, Before purchasing the Slimming Cappuccino refer to the list of ingredients as an added precaution and/or familiarise yourself about each of the ingredients. This product should be avoided by people with known sensitivity hyper-sensitivity or who have previously reacted adversely to any of the listed ingredients.

The use of this product should be discontinued if any reaction or sensitive reaction is shown, noted or suspected.

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