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The Wedding Lace Insta Gel Nail Strips are the perfect way to get elegant nails, without the time and money spent going to the salon

Featuring easy application and removal and no drying time, these waterproof nail stickers will last for up to 14 days. Included are 22 double ended strips and a mini nail file.

For the best results, store your nail strips at room temperature.

How to use

  1. Before application, clean and buff your nails to remove oil.
  2. Select the best strip size to fit your nails.
  3. Apply the nail strips firmly from your cuticle line and fold down over your nail's edge.
  4. Trim the excess length with the enclosed file in a downward motion.
  5. To remove your nail strips, gently peel off the strip from the cuticle line.
;Anti cruelty


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