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HANNON Purifying Kaolin Earth Mask :

Acne prone skin - For Oily to Combination skin

A mask suited for oily skin and oily areas on the face. Part of a once-a-week routine to detoxify the skin, extract oil impurities, replace minerals and improve skin tone.

Kaolin is an all-natural clay mineral ingredient found under the soil n tropical areas. The fragrance-free mask is a soft purifying clay mask using the absorbent properties of the Kaolin Clay.

  • It purifes the skin
  • Extracts impurities
  • Improves skin tone

Use once or twice a week. Most effective on freshly cleansed face that is wet or still damp. Apply evenly all over face or areas of concern. Leave and let it set to dry for 10 to 20 minutes. Gently remove with a wet sponge, making sure to remove all white residues.

Finish with Toner and Moisturizer.
Caution: Avoid sensitive eye area.


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