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Super Moisturizing Mask - Plumping formula with Hyaluronic Acid

The power of a serum concentrated into a mask with a second skin effect - for a moisturized and plumped skin in 15 minutes.

This mask has all the benefits of the Hydra Filler, Filorga's leading moisturizing cream. Drenched in hyaluronic acid, this infusion mask also contains a combination of NMF-Like complex and aloe vera, which actively moisturizes and plumps the skin in record time.

Double hydration [flash + powerful]: An impregnation formula of hyaluronic acid combined with NMFs Natural Moisturizing Factors it saturates the skin with water, for an intense hydra-plumping effect.

Immediate beautiful skin effect: Aloe vera, a super plant rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements, reinvigorates the skin, to restore complexion Radiance and freshness.

Skin-like fiber technology: - an innovative technology that perfectly adheres to the curves of the face to boost the absorption of the active Ingredients.

Open the sachet, unfold the mask and place it onto the cleansed face.
Leave it to work for 15 minutes.
Ensure excess serum is absorbed by massaging with the fingertips.
No rinse.
Repeat the Application once or twice a week.

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