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For very dry, flaky skin - atopic dermatitis

A healthy skin barrier protects the skin from dehydrating and other injuries. Due to the impact of the different influence factors like water, detergents, cold wind, cold temperatures, the healthy skin barrier can be irritated.

Hands come into contact with different irritant factors during the day. People with a weak skin protection barrier, very dry skin and a tendency to atopic dermatitis, need special hand care in order to protect the skin.

Pressed Ice Plant juice has a moisture activating effect. High quality botanical butters and wax, nourish the skin, protecting it against external influences.

Benefits :

  • People who are prone to eczema and dermatitis and suffer from very dry skin
  • Strengthens the skins natural barrier
  • Protects against dehydration
  • Creates a long-lasting delicate, protective film to calm and nurture the hands
  • Supports the oil-moisture balance of the skin
  • Reduces redness and tightness

Apply as often as needed especially after hands have been washed.

Apply a nice thick coat nightly to allow the cream to take affect while resting,

Botanical butters - Ice Plant Juice - wax

Dr. Hauschka (Med) Ice Plant Hand Cream 50ml
22028 27500

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