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This flat, rounded brush is ideal for clear, even Application of colour to the lips. The synthetic brush hairs enable creamy textures to be precisely applied.

A brush for especially fine work:

  • With its fine tip, the brush is suitable for accurate, uniform application of lip colour.
  • With it, the contours can be accentuated with particular precision and the colour can be distributed perfectly.
  • The brush is also a little helper for applying concealer to cover minor roughness, spots or rings under the eyes.

Intended for creamy, fluid textures, the vegan brush is intentionally made of synthetic brush hair. This is highly elastic and wear-resistant and can be cleaned easily. It is an essential tool for precision, to give your look an alluring finish or give it the last delicate polish for completion.

Clean the brush weekly with a mild liquid soap without additional cosmetic Ingredients. Make sure that you do not squeeze out the hairs, but carefully smooth the brush back into its original shape. It is also important not to place the brush upright with its head in the air while drying - instead preferably lay it on a surface.

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