41850 46500

The flat, slanted brush with smooth gliding synthetic hairs optimally distributes liquid textures for an even complexion

This especially soft brush is made of vegan, synthetic fibres.' Application of make-up, masks and other liquid products thus is not only simple, but also feels good. The brush is perfectly suited for shading and highlighting with liquid textures.

Eye shadow residues under the eyes also can be easily corrected. As a particularly versatile basic tool, it helps give the complexion a radiant look very uniform, without edges and spots. "All time classic brush".

Clean the brush weekly with a mild liquid soap without additional cosmetic Ingredients. Make sure that you do not squeeze out the hairs, but carefully smooth the brush back into its original shape. It is also important not to place the brush upright with its head in the air while drying - instead preferably lay it on a surface.

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