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Nourish, Soften, Comfort ( Skin Comforter)

A genuine skin conditioner, this cream is intended for all skin types subject to temporary discomfort. A rich and soothing conditioning complex for dry skin in need of nourishment. It helps reorganize the skin's protective barrier and alleviate feelings of skin tightness for a sense of immediate well-being. Regular use on face and neck area restores suppleness and comfort. Particularly effective in skin that is exposed to outdoor elements or the drying effect of air conditioners. For dry skin.

Ideal for : It's the comforter for the skin, ideal to address the appearance of irritation.

Visible Results : The skin immediately recovers suppleness and comfort.

This product spreads a long way and is a barrier cream not a moisturizer.

Use morning and night, either on its own or after another skincare product to bring greater comfort to the skin.
Apply a small amount over your normal moisturizer as an extra layer to protect when required.

Silinol - A film that restores comfort
Sweet clover - Calming and desenstising
Peach tree leaf extract - Anti inflammatory
Shea butter - Nourishing and comforting

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