REN skincare

‘Clean’ is at the heart of all REN does... But what does it mean? For REN it is giving you visible results from skincare that isn’t full of sh...ady ingredients. Ingredients that work with your skin, without causing irritation. Ingredients your skin would choose, from sustainable sources and sustainably packaged - cause great skincare shouldn’t cost the earth,

CLEAN TO SKIN Not so fun fact: irritation-causing over-cleansing, peels and extra-strength retinol can damage skin long term. And that’s what REN is trying to avoid, REN's skincare is created for all skin types (even sensitive) with pH balanced formulas that won’t upset your skin.

CLEAN TO PLANET Bottles are made with Ocean Plastic, tubes made from post-consumer-recycled plastic and designed for circular recycling. REN packages the products with our planet in mind and team up with partners like Surfers Against Sewage and Plastic Patrol that share our vision of sustainability.

It’s all part of REN's Pledge to become Zero Waste by 2021, in that all of the packaging will be 100% recycled, recyclable and reusable.

Plus it’s always cruelty-free, and we’re expanding our vegan portfolio as we go, too.

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