Filorga, founded in 1978, originally designed, developed and produced products that were used by leading by specialists all over the world.

In 2007, the brand made its expertise in cosmetics available to the general public upon with a range of revolutionary skincare products with NCEF, a unique compound encapsulating the active ingredients used.

More than fifty cosmetic products have become available over time, all of which share the same principle: to combine optimal and proven effectiveness visible in 7 days with sensorial textures and premium packaging. 

Filorga South Africa, Fillmed and Skin Perfusion are ranges of Filorga Medi-cosmetique which are all available online at

Absoluteskin carries the full range of Filorga Products, Products such as Filorga Time Filler Night, Filorga Serums, Filorga Time filler, Filorga Sleep & Peel, Filorga Global Repair are all available. Enjoy your browsing at AbsoluteSkin Online. Filorga Skincare products are superb!

New Range FILORGA Skin-Unify is Now available, from Filorga Online at AbsoluteSkin

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