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Anti-Pigmentation capsules 5000mg

A unique formula with vitamins, minerals and amino acids in the correct amounts, to assist one to achieve the desired goal, which is a fairer skin tone and a healthier body and mind. Another very important feature of Glutathione is its longevity and Younger Complexion features.

Benefits :

  • Reduces pigmentation, discolouration and uneven skin tone on the face and body
  • Includes underarm, bikini line and dark circles around the eye area.
  • Reduces age spots and gives skin an all-over glow
  • Prevents and treats fine lines and wrinkles
  • Assists with healing damaged, scarred or wounded skin
  • Reduces skin conditions, congestion, acne and oily skin
  • Repairs and rejuvenates the skin
  • Increases suppleness and texture of the skin

Take 2 capsules daily first thing in the morning, and 3 at night.

Max Dosage-
Take 2 capsules 3 times per day (5000mg per dosage)

Do not use if you are Pregnant or nursing

Each capsule contains:

  • L-Glutathione
  • N-Acetyl, L Cysteine
  • Ascorbic Acid ( Vitamin C)
  • Milk Thistle Extract
  • L-Argenine
  • Alpha Lipolic Acid

Lactose Free, suitable for vegetarians, No preservatives, Soy Free, Natural Ingredients, Sugar Free, Alcohol Free, Dairy Free, Wheat Free, GE/GMO Free, Gluten Free.

These statements have not been approved by the FDA, this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any medical condition or disease.


Vhi GlutaCaps Contains Reduced L-Glutathione which aids in Anti-Pigmentation.

Reduced L-Glutathione - A Broken down form of Glutathione known as the Master Anti-oxidant, it works by neutralising free radicals and reactivating Oxygen compounds

L-Glutathione is Critical - L-Glutathione is one of the most critical molecules of the entire body. As the most important anti-oxidant it regulates all other anti-oxidants while preventing damage to important cells.

l-Glutathione & Pigmentation There are certain kinds of compounds that inhibits the tyrosinase (an enzyme that aids in pigment production) activity and L-glutathione is one of them. GSH(reduced glutathione) intervenes in the metabolism.(prevents the pigment production) Oral use of Reduced Glutathione(L-glutathione) inhibits the tyrosinase activity. Once the tyrosinase activity has been inhibited,(Pigment production is inhibited) The metabolic pathway then reverses its course going to the synthesis of light pigmented melanin called Phaeomelanin instead of synthesising dark pigmented melanin called Eumelanin. ( This basically means -dark cells will lighten) The cycle continuously flows as long as the presence of L-glutathione co-exist in the metabolic pathway of melanin. Finally, light skin will reveal to the surface gradually changing your complexion.

Research Extensive research confirms that supplementation of Glutathione is a crucial requirement for superior health, effective treatment and prevention of many diseases. High Dose of L-Glutathione modifies conversion of dark pigmentation into lighter pigmentations called melanin. Since then, L-Glutathione became the choice of dermatologist as safe oral Anti-Pigmentation capsules or whitening pills.

Why is Vhi GlutaCaps so effective? There are several L-Glutathione preparations in the market but not all work for Anti-Pigmentation we guarantee the best results. The L-Glutathione Whitening pill is uniquely formulated with Vitamins, minerals and amino acids in the correct amounts to assist you to achieve your desired goal which is a fairer skin tone and a healthier body and mind. The Primary purpose of this pill is for a better skin tone.

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