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Anti Pigmentation Kit  (Buy Kits and Save!)

SAVE - R1110.00 

The ultimate Pigmentation Solution. Target and improve pigmentation, skin discoloration, Acne Marks and enhance overall skin appearance.

Kit Contains:
1 x DermaClear Cleanser- 250ml
1 x 90% Kojic and Q 10 Serum- 50ml
1 x Pigment Perfector Day & Night Cream- 50ml
1 x VitaC Scrub- 100ml
1 x Epilte Mask- 100ml
1 x Uv Defence Sunblock SPF 50- 100ml

How to Use:

Step 1- Cleanse – Apply Dermaclear onto wet skin morning and night, work in circular movements. Remove with warm water
Step 2- Serum – Apply Kojic & Q10 Serum to your entire face or pigmentation area only.
Step 3- Massage in Pigment Perfector
Step 4- Protect– Apply a pea size amount of UV Defence SPF 50 to your entire face and neck (morning only)

2 to 3 Times per Week at Night
Step 1- Cleanse  DermaClear
Step 2- Scrub – Take a Pea size amount of VitaC Scrub and begin to exfoliate with circular movements. Remove with warm water.
Step 3- Mask – Take a pea size amount of EpiLite Mask and apply to your entire face. Leave for for 20 to 30 mins.  Remove with warm water.
Step 4- Serum – Kojic & Q10 Serum
Step 5- Treat – Pigment Perfect

Please Follow all Instructions/Directions/Cautions that are on the individual Product Labels


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