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Sunumbra Classic creation

This sunscreen is our 'Classic' sunscreen, created after the delightful discovery of a??unique??combination of??plant extracts??as our key 'hidden secret' in being able to substitute the harmful chemical filters found in almost all sunscreens sold today with these "botanicals".??

The paragraph above spells out what makes our sunscreen formula truly unique and has led the way for all of our subsequent product??formulas

A study by the??Environmental Working Group??revealed that less than 20% of sunscreens were both 'low hazard' and 'effective'. This was largely because the other 80% contained potentially harmful chemicals...

sunumbra classic??provides...

  • effective, stable, high level protection against both UVA and UVB radiation
  • protection from free radical damage and atmospheric toxins
  • active natural nutrients to reverse the effects of radiation damage
  • that every ingredient offers a clear and direct benefit and is not merely included to 'look good'

It also...

  • blocks UVA exposure to reduce melanoma risk
  • maximizes UVB, without burning, to maximise vitamin D

* Apply Sunumbra liberally to all exposed areas 15 minutes before exposure to sunlight - not forgetting the ears, nose, back of the neck, tops of feet and balding heads.
* Reapply every 2 hours or after sweating or swimming or towelling off.
* Suitable for use on children older than 6 months.
* Caprylic capric triglycerides, *de-ionizedwater,* zinc oxide *dimethicone, *sorbitan olivate, *allantoin, *kigelia extract, *black tea extract, *broccoli sprout extract, *green rooibos extract, *aloe ferox extract, *cape chamomile
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Sunumbra Classic Sunscreen SPF30+ 100ml
R 299.00

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