sunumbra daily

Sunumbra Daily SPF15+ :

Ideal for the winter months

The increasing demand for a quality natural sunscreen for use on a daily basis has prompted us to proceed with the launching of a sunscreen with SPF15 and balanced UVA protection. Although still using the trusted and favoured zinc oxide, we have included the botanicals that have continued to delight with their potential of protecting us in a more natural way.

Besides the natural and organic qualities, the main purpose is therefore to provide a light, non-whitening, moisturising, DAILY sunscreen that still provides excellent balanced protection from both the UVA and UVB rays.

New improved formula :

  • 1. Exceptional improvement in texture - softer, lighter and smoother
  • 2. Flows more easily out of the tube and cool on Application
  • 3. Stability is significantly enhanced

- Natural sunscreen
- Contains Organic anti-oxidants
- Free of Parabens
- 100% Natural Ingredients - Zinc Oxide and Botanicals - Free of harmful Chemicals
- Free of Colourants and Scents
- Not tested on Animals
- No Animal derivates
- Water resistant
- Developed, Formulated and manufactured in South Africa by an eco-certified laboratory

* Apply Sunumbra liberally to all exposed areas 15 minutes before exposure to sunlight - not forgetting the ears, nose, back of the neck, tops of feet and balding heads.
* Reapply every 2 hours or after sweating or swimming or towelling off.
* Suitable for use on children older than 6 months.

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