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Smart Mittens >Smitty :

Revolutionary microfiber cleansing mitten - cleansing mitt for babes. For Sensitive Baby's Skin :
  • Dampen the mitten with warm water.
  • Can be used with or without cleansers but only warm water is necessary.
  • Rub the mitten gently over baby€™s head, face and body (especially in little creases), wherever the Smitty touches baby's skin it cleans.
  • Teething/drool cloth Smitty absorbs over 7 times its own weight in moisture, mops up the €œacid€? laden baby€™s saliva that can chafe and inflame baby's sensitive skin.
  • Nappy area wipes dampen the Smitty to clean the nappy area instantly with warm water only. The Smitty can then either be washed immediately or turned inside out and stored in a zip lock bag. Wet wipes contain chemicals that are left on baby€™s skin, these chemicals cause nappy rash and allergies.
  • Face and hand cleaning Smitty cleans 99% of bacteria off the skin and is portable and convenient to use anytime.
  • Smart Mittens washes up to 200 times and maintains their effectiveness (and softness).
  • Deep cleans without the tugging and pulling on the skin.
  • Removes almost 90% of skin surface bacteria and when washed is non-bacterial forming
  • Reusable - a mitt can be used for 2/3 months (approximately 200 washes or more). Totally machine and hand washable.
  • Convenient when travelling and is cost effective.
  • Environmentally safe