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Smart Mittens Smitten :

Revolutionary microfiber cleansing mitten - face cleansing mitt for ladies. Deep cleanse your skin in seconds using warm water only. Gentle re-usable , non-bacterial forming and for all skin types. Can be used with or without a cleanser or facial wash. Use in the mornings for a silky smooth cleansed skin. The cleansers can help lift dirt while the mitten massages your skin to ‚¬œcollect‚¬? any dead skin cells and impurities into the cloth. They are designed to be safe, effective, convenient and the simplest solution to skin cleansing.

Is your skin oily / dry / sensitive/ allergic?
  • Smart Mittens, combine gentleness with incredible durability. Helps maintain a clear complexion and literally smooths out skin tone in days.
  • Perfect for make up removal (even waterproof mascara comes off in a flash).
  • Dampen the mitten with warm water
  • Can be used with or without cleanser/facial wash
  • Rub mitten gently over your face, carefully around your sensitive eye area, merely rest the water drenched warm smitten over the eye for 5-15 seconds, then gently wipe makeup from eyes with your finger tipped smitten.
  • Do not rub for more than 1 minute in any one spot
  • Use it at night to remove harmful effects of pollution and for make-up removal allowing your skin to enjoy an overnight rejuvenation
  • Use it in the morning for a refreshing start to the day
  • Silky smooth and cleansed, now your face is prepared to continue it's beauty routine with your choice products.
  • Smart Mittens washes up to 200 times and maintains their effectiveness (and softness).
  • Deep cleans without the tugging and pulling on the skin.
  • Removes almost 90% of skin surface bacteria and when washed is non-bacterial forming
  • Reusable - a mitt can be used for 2/3 months (approximately 200 washes or more). Totally machine and hand washable.
  • Convenient for weekend trips away and is cost effective.
  • Environmentally safe