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A gel-cream foundation for a magnified complexion

The skin's beauty is enhanced with its smoothing anti-ageing formula.

Skinleya is an anti-ageing foundation which ensures a satin finish for a sheer and even complexion. Its gel-cream texture is ultra-sensorial, silky, and creamy, providing a "second skin" effect for natural and comfortable make-up application.

Its exclusive formula is enriched with a powerful cocktail of active anti-ageing ingredients and reinforces the benefits of your daily skincare product throughout the day.

Immediately and day after day, the complexion is smoothed and the signs of ageing and fatigue are reduced.

Its non-comedogenic formula is appropriate for all skin types.

Results :

  • This foundation's immediate result - a flawless complexion.
  • The skin is immediately smoothed, and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles are reduced.
  • The skin's texture is refined, and imperfections are erased.
  • The complexion is left looking fresh, luminous, and even.

Day after day result

  • Anti-ageing skin care action.
  • The skin is soft, supple and comfortable.
  • Features are smoothed.
  • The signs of age and fatigue marks are masked.
  • Skin is radiant and looks younger.

Apply Skinleya with fingertips or with provided brush using light smoothing motions from the inside to the outside of the face and then blend towards the hairline, ears and neck.

Avoid over-applying the product in hollow/shaded areas (nose/mouth expression lines, eye contour, etc.) to ensure a subtle and natural finish

SKU: SS200406
SISLEY Skinleya 30ml (50 Biscuit)
R 2,023.50 R 2,130.00

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