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All-in-one eye make up solution

Phyto Eye Twist is an all-in-one eye make-up solution - eye shadow + pencil + eyeliner. It is long-lasting, has waterproof colour, skincare and holding power in a single twist.

The "jumbo" tip blends and glides to colour the eyelids, easily applying graphic make-up or drawing an XXL line. The skincare formula is enriched with plant-based active ingredients and protects the delicate skin of the eyelids. The gliding, ultra-sensory, waterproof texture allows an ultra-easy application and a flawless hold all day long.

Its magnetic shades enhance your look in a single twist and offers a multitude of finishes. Fun and practical, there is no need to sharpen this new zebra-look jumbo pencil.

Results :

  • An ultra-easy, fun, luminous, waterproof and no-transfer eye make-up.

Apply directly to the eyelids :

  • For a veil of colour - apply to the eyelid then blend colour with fingertip.
  • For an intense look - directly apply colour to the eyelid with the pencil.
  • For a graphic look - use the XXL eyeliner to accentuate the lash line.

All make-up styles are possible, simply vary how you apply the product to suit your mood.


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