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An eyeshadow that highlights eyes with an easy, customized look.

Phyto Ombre Eclat is a mono eyeshadow, available in a wide range of colours with different finishes: matte, satiny, iridescent, metallic and glitter. Enriched with naturally-derived extracts (green tea, white lily, and camellia), its formula protects and softens the delicate epidermis of eyelids.

Pigments cover the skin in a way that allows for a new mastery of colour and a silky, ultra-fine texture glides onto the eyelid and blends easily. Tested under ophthalmologic and dermatological control.

Appropriate for those with sensitive eyes and those who wear contact lenses.

Flawless makeup application without the risk of over-application. For the most natural to the most daring of looks. Impeccable wear all day long.

Add volume to the eyes by creating a halo with the light shades on the upper eyelid and apply only the dark shades to the mobile eyelid, mainly on the outer corner and /or closely along the lash line (like an eye-liner). Play with an endless array of effects: one shade for a natural make-up look, two shades for a blend of shadow/light, three or more for a very sophisticated or contrasting make-up look.

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