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Night Cream with Collagen - all skin types

Night Cream with Collagen and Woodmallow is a night firming skincare product specifically formulated to make tired skin look more youthful. Its formula contains a high concentration of soluble collagen to help correct the visible effects of skin aging.

The Woodmallow softens tired epidermis. Used daily, this skincare helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines and tones the skin to make it look younger and firmer. Its gentle creamy texture leaves the skin soft and comfortable.

Results :

  • Epidermis is revitalized and looks firmer.
Apply at night to clean and dry skin, to face and neck, using a gentle massaging motion.
SKU: SS022
SISLEY Night Cream with Collagen and Woodmallow 50ml
R 2,489.95 R 2,621.00

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