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Sheer, ultra-brilliant lipstick

A luminous lipstick that is more colourful than a gloss and more shiny than a lipstick. Hydrates, protects, and softens the lips.Its enriched formula with Kokum and Mango helps to moisturize, protect and provide all the comfort of a lip balm so lips appear more smooth and plump.

Gloss, transparency and luminosity are achieved by film-forming polymers, which also smooth, contour and plump lips.

The delicious fruity shades give a semi-transparent finish. Creamy, imperceptible and ultra-comfortable, the texture of the Lip Shine is both extremely light and nourishing.


  • A semi-transparent and shiny lip make-up.
  • Lips are softened, moisturised
  • Dry lips are soothed and repaired

Apply directly to lips or with a lip brush.

To intensify the result, first colour in lips with the use of a lip pencil.

For more volume, apply a touch of gloss to the center of the lips.


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