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Perfecting corrector - smooths fine lines - reduces shine

A corrective and skin-enhancing product for an instant beauty boost.
Instant Perfect is a siliconated gel emulsion with an ultra-soft touch, which acts instantly to erase skin imperfections and highlight the eyes.

Its formula combines specific active ingredients for a targeted treatment and highly effective and yet imperceptible corrective foundation.

Peptidic soya extract stimulates collagen synthesis for a long term filling and smoothing effect on wrinkles. Frangipani blossom extract minimises the appearance of dilated pores and improves skin texture. Vegetable Glycerine provides comfort and hydration. Silicone polymers give the texture itsvelvety effect, improves make-up hold, fills in wrinkles and fine lines through an optical effect, and have shine-control properties.

A soft-focus powder improves optical light diffusion on the skins surface for a unified complexion and soft-focus wrinkles and imperfections.

Results :

  • Fine lines and wrinkles are instantly smoothed and filled in.
  • Shine, dilated pores, imperfections and dark areas are reduced.
  • The complexion is radiant and even, the eye area is rested.

Using light, smoothing strokes with the fingertips, apply locally to the T-zone, wrinkles, fine lines, and dark areas, after day cream and before make-up to optimise its hold.

Instant Perfect can also be used for quick and easy retouches during the day on areas that tend to shine or need brightening up.


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