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Colour correcting primer

Create a perfect base in a single stroke

Instant Correct is a colour correcting primer for a more even and radiant complexion, instantly and with repeated applications. It makes it possible to create a perfect base by correcting visually pigment disorders.

Immediately, it evens out, rebalances and smooths the skin texture for a complete correction. Day after day, the unifying effect is boosted by a combination of skin care active ingredients (Alkekengi calyx extract, Lemon extract, Iris extract). Skin is moisturized and brighter. Its fresh, ultra-light, and silky texture is applied like a second skin without adding extra thickness.

Non-greasy, non-comedogenic, and perfectly adhering, the make-up can be applied immediately afterwards, without the need for drying time. 2 shades :

  • Just Rosy - illuminates, gives a healthy glow to fair skin and subtly corrects dull complexions.
  • Just Lavender - neutralizes yellow tones and gives a porcelain finish to very fair skin and skin with yellow undertones.

Results :

  • Immediately, the complexion is evened out and corrected, the skin texture is smoothed, and imperfections are faded.
  • Day after day, a cocktail of active ingredients boosts the unifying effect.
  • The skin is moisturized, protected from environmental damage, brighter and more uniform with repeated applications.

Before make-up, apply all over with fingertips or a brush to correct the colour irregularities in the complexion and create a perfect base: a smooth and even surface.

The foundation can be applied directly after Instant Correct.

SKU: SS184601
SISLEY Instant Correct 30ml (Just Rosy)
R 1,106.75 R 1,165.00

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