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Pore-minimizer - refining, smoothing concentrate

A powerful beautifying concentrate that refines and smooths. Its global action corrects, prevents, and treats. At any age, it instantly tightens pores and prevents them from enlarging while correcting irregularities in the skin's texture.

An astringent concentrate that also hydrates. It is gently absorbed by the skin to create a very natural smoothing and mattifying effect. Day after day, it ensures a flawless skin texture.

Results :

  • Skin's texture is instantly refined
  • The skin is left with a matte finish.
  • Pores are tightened.
  • Day after day, the surface of the skin is smoother and more even.
  • Skin regains its balance.
  • The complexion appears fresh.

Morning and/or night, apply 1 pump to clean, dry skin.

Use by itself or under your regular skin care.

SKU: SS014
SISLEY Global Perfect 30ml
R 2,631.50 R 2,770.00

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