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Heritage of the French Royalty and real objects of desire, the Crown Jewels found their way through the ages, immutably accompanying the sovereigns of France.
Diamonds, rubies, precious gems and pearls create this treasure, which will eternally evoke a ceremonial and luxurious world, also secret and solemn.

These jewels relive through a fragrance as intense as mysterious, which welcomes us in this sumptuous world of Royalty.Royal Marina Diamond, a fragrance as precious as the Crown Jewels, heiress of the splendor and impressiveness of the French Monarchy.

This perfume is sensual and passionate; the festive exuberance of Red Berries highlights the Iris and Jasmine petals. A precious floral heart is enveloped in the exotic sensuality of Copaba wood, while a touch of Vanilla and Fruity Musk underlines the greed of this elixir.

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Princess Royal Marina (Marina Diamond) (30ml)
R 895.00

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