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Under eye brightner

UP TO 90%  REDUCTION in Under Eye Wrinkles - The visible effects are excellent, brightening the whole area around your eyes,

What is the best eye cream for dark circles and bags?

Eyerix is the only professional formulation to not only treat the dark circles under the eyes, but also to reduce bags under the eyes in ethnic skins.

Eyerix is one of the best eye creams for puffy eyes, especially in Asian, African Ethnic skins, because the high strength Actives consist of a combination of:

Skin lighteners:

  • Lightens the skin around your eyes
  • Reduce dark circles

Vascular restorers which: (list)

  • Strengthen blood vessels
  • Prevents blood-vessel leaking
  • Restore skin protein elasticity
  • Promotes new collagen to thicken the fragile skin eyes
  • Suppresses inflammation, therefore decreasing puffiness, swelling and signs of fatigue

Green Tea Extract

  • Anti-oxidant reversing free radical damage and prevent wrinkles


  • Constricts small vessels
  • Reduces Inflammation

In an independent dermatology-supervised test, (29 volunteers found that in 6 weeks) Results showed a 78% improvement in 8 weeks for:

  • Reduction in melanin (dark colour)
  • Reduction in under eye swelling
  • Reduction in wrinkles
Apply Eyerix daily before moisturising.
Arbutin Harounoside (hydroquinone analogue)
Powerful Tyrosinase blockers skin whiteners.
Inhibits Tyrosinase synthesis reduces melanin by:
Blocks GM-CSF Cytokine production
Direct Melanin Inhibition (comparable to Kojic acid)
Decrease of active Melanocytes
28 patient study- 46% improvement in 4 weeks
78% improvement in 8 weeks
Di-acetyl boldine
(Reducing melanin)
Alpha 1- adrenergic antagonist
Blocks calcium flow
Stabilises tyrosinase in active form.
Glabridin (Liqorice extract)
Tyrosinase Inhibitor

15 Times more active than Kojic acid for lightening.
Sodium ascorbyl phosphate
Melanogenesis inhibitor
Collagen 1 3 stimulator


Albizia julibrissin extract
- Prevents glycation of skin proteins
- Removes Advanced glycosylation end products( AGEs)
- Increased Glyoxalase Proteosomes that reverse glycation
- Restore skin protein elasticity
- Prevents blood-vessel leaking

Palmitoyl tripeptide-38
(Lysine-methionine-lysine tripepide)
- Increase Collagen 1 4 +++++
- Increase Fibronectin +++++ (Anchor protein at D-E junction)
- Increase Hyaluronic acid ++++
- Reverses under eye bags.
- All restore vascular andamp;dermal strength.


*Green Tea Extract
- Anti-oxidant reversing free radical damage

- Constricts small vessels
- Reduces Inflammation