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Radiance eye care with super fruit extracts

How you spend the nights is reflected in your eye contour area. This treatment is the first line of defence against dark circles and puffiness. This massaging roll-on restores yesterday's vitality to the eyes.

Normal skin - young skin 30+

  • reinforces the immune system, protects from free radicals and stimulates cells energy.
  • rich in trace elements and polyphenols, stimulate the blood circulation to reactivate the skin's Radiance.
  • microorganisms that reinforce the natural defenses against external aggressions.
  • de-congests dark circles.
Press the tube gently while rolling the balls around the eye contour area. Help the excess product to penetrate the skin by gently tapping with fingertips.

Goji Berry
Acae Berries
Active Bifidus
Chamomile extract

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