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ObeyYourBody - Dead Sea Bath Salts :

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The waters of the Dead Sea are fed by the Jordan River and pure subterranean Juvenile Water Springs that do not pass through the hydrological cycle of rain, sea and cloud, but instead flow directly from the bowels of the Earth untouched by environmental pollution. The salts of these waters are blessed with a rich revitalizing mineral complex known for its extraordinary therapeutic qualities since biblical times. For All skin types.

Benefits :

  • Revitalizes
  • Regenerates and conditions the skin
  • Cleanses: Helps to remove impurities from the skin
  • Relieves: Reduces muscular stress and tension
  • Convenient: For use in the comfort of your home
  • Add a cup of the Sea Salts to warm bath water.
  • Step in, soak, enjoy.
  • Recommended for use one to two times per week.