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NOTES OF NATURE - Immuno 365 500ml:

100% Natural Supplement.

Many diseases that plague people are a result of insufficient immunity or inappropriate immune response. Immune-365 aids to address the source of poor health whilst supporting a natural, healthy and strong immune system. This powerful blend also helps eliminate digestive impurities and toxins that affect natural immunity.

The National Pharmaceutical Product Index or NAPPI is a comprehensive database of medical products used in South Africa. Each product has a unique NAPPI code which enables electronic data interchange throughout the health care delivery chain. NAPPI Code of this product is avaiable on Request.

Take 10ml (2 teaspoons) preferably neat, but can be diluted in water, juice or skimmed milk with breakfast daily. Shake before use.

Taheebo (Lapachol) 200mg
Wormwood (Artemisinin) 200mg
Selenium 0.2% 150mg
Andrographis 50mg
Zinc 15mg
Copper 1.5mg
Iron 5mg
Grapeseed Extract 75mg
Vitamin Pack 40mg