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Day-Time Depigmenting Care

New generation of high-tolerance depigmentation treatment

Formulated to combat the development of brown spots on a daily basis and correct existing spots on all types of skin. It has a anti-UV shield, and effectively protects and moisturises the skin on the face, hands and chest. Suitable for All Skin types.

Benefits :

  • Used daily, brown spots disappear quickly and the formation of new spots is slowed.
  • Your complexion is brightened and even.
  • Paraben-free
  • Fragrance free

Semi-Airless 30ml pump

Apply in the morning to clean, dry skin, over the entire face, neck, hands, chest or any other areas to be treated.

  • Reductol Vita C2G, synergy of new generation active Ingredients: controls melanin production
  • Light reflectors: capture UV rays and reflect them away from the skin
  • White XL: limits melanin production
  • Moisturising agents
SKU: P00450
Noreva TRIO WHITE Day Time Depigmenting Care 30ml pump
R 333.00 R 370.00

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