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Anti-blemish lotion

Skin with blemishes

Specially formulated for skin with a tendency to develop acne, this lotion helps to combat blemishes over extended areas, face, back and chest.

From the first month of Application, the epidermis is rebalanced and cleansed. Helps to combat blackheads and spots. Facilitates hair regrowth.

Benefits :

  • The skin no longer shines
  • The skin is smooth, clear and purified
  • Paraben-free
  • Non-photosensitising
Apply morning and night using cotton wool on the affected areas, previously cleaned and dried.

  • AHA + BHA: Acts on retentional lesions,. Facilitates hair regrowth. Helps to combat blackheads and spots
  • Zinc: combats excess sebum and matifies the skin
  • Glycerine: rebalances and cleanses the epidermis