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Anti-wrinkle intensive care creams

NiKEL care for skin with reduced firmness and elasticity through a natural complex that is a cosmetic answer to Bo-tox! Carnosine, an endogenous anti-aging factor, is a complex with strong antioxidants for rejuvenation and youth.

A rich anti-aging cream that helps restore the epidermis, stimulate collagen and elastin production. It smooths wrinkles and fine lines, as well as prevents their development.

>SKIN TYPES AND PROBLEMS For intensive anti-aging care.

*WINNER OF THE GOLD MEDAL at the World Invention Exhibition in the USA.


  1. Always start your care routine with Nikel Cleansing Milk with Immortelle to remove make-up and impurities from your skin.
  2. Spray Nikel Alpine Rose Tonic with Alpine Rose Stem Cells* on cleansed skin and let it dry.
  3. For better effect, apply several drops of Nikel Evening Primrose Oil or Nikel Anti-Wrinkle Elixir on your face, neck and decollete.
  4. Then apply your favorite cream.

*WINNER OF THE GOLD MEDAL at the World Invention Exhibition in the USA.

style="color: #666666; font-size: small;">Application

Begin your care with the Alpine Rose Tonic*. For even better results, apply several drops of Anti-Wrinkle Elixir or Evening Primrose Oil to your face, neck and decolletage before applying this cream.

  • Shea butter / Butyrospermium Parkii
  • Sunflower / Helianthus Annuus Seed oil
  • Jojoba / Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil
  • Phospholipids, Sphingolipids (Ceramides)
  • Carnosine
  • Vitamin E / Tocopherol
  • Lecithine
  • Blessed milk thistle / Silybum Marianum Fruit Extract
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NiKELIFT Face Cream 50ml
R 796.00 R 995.00

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