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LAMARIE Sensi-Clear Make-Up Remover :

Perfect for removing make-up and build-up on the face - sensitive skin

This remover contains a cloudy layer of unique ingredients to remove make-up. It has a clear blue layer to help keep the skin moist after each wash. A gentle lotion to prevent dryness of the skin, leaving it feeling fresh and perfectly clean.

The remover targets and eliminates foundation. The main ingredient, Cucumber Extract, which contains 95% water, is ideal for dehydrated  and oily skin. For  all skin types -sensitive skin.


  • Restores smoothness
  • Protects against skin dryness
  • Leaves skin fresh and clean

The Sensi-Series explores sensitive skin that might sting, burn, itch, peel, feel bumpy or get red, as a reaction from certain hazardous elements.

Apply in the morning and evening. A few drops on a cotton pad and wipe gently over the face.

Cucumber Extract


Olive Oil