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LAMARIE Pro-Tone Facial Toner :

Reduces oil secretion

Reduces oil secretion to help combat oily skin. With regular use the toner will improve the skin’s appearance, reduce skin abrasion and restore a fresh, smooth look.

Toning is a necessary step and an extension of clearing bacteria on the face. The toner contains Vitamin B, iron and amino acids to reach faded spots and soften the skin before moisturizing.  For Acne prone and oily skin.


  • Strengthens natural moisturizing efectiveness
  • Creates a clearer skin
  • Removes greasy build-up

The Pro-series analyses dead skin build-up, formation of clumps that trap acne, bacteria and oil beneath the skin.

Apply with a cotton pad after cleansing, wiping gently over the face and neck.

Yeast Extract,

Lactic Acid