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LAMARIE Bio-Cleanse Facial Wash :

Perfect for removing make-up and build-up on the face - anti-ageing

This facial wash lathers into a rich foam, perfect for removing make-up. It is gentle yet gives the skin a thorough cleanse, leaving the skin feeling refreshed. It helps to combat skin dryness and used twice daily, will fight off bacteria and pollutants that build up throughout the day. Suitable for all skin types.


  • Fights bacteria and relieves acne production
  • Protects against skin dryness
  • Creates a clearer skin

The Bio-Series nourishes saggy and wrinkled skin and attempts to slow down the ageing process.

Apply in the morning and evening. Lather it onto your hands, massage onto your face and rinse thoroughly.

Sweet Almond Oil - the fatty acid in this oil dissolves sebum to create a clearer skin

Jojoba Esters - fights bacterial fungi

Witch Hazel Extract - assists with the healing of the epidermis

Polyglutamic Acid - protects against skin dryness leaving a film on the surface of the skin