R 585.00 R 690.00

An anti-ageing beauty Bar (Gold Metal)

The Wrinkle-Free Beauty Bar is the latest anti-ageing beauty gadget that reduces saggy skin and fine lines. The bar tightens, reshapes and leaves skin looking younger in 5 minutes. The secret is in its gold-ions and micro-vibrations that stimulate the facial muscles and contours the skin.

Results :

  •   It is lightweight and convenient to carry
  •   Gets rid of acne, fine lines and bacteria
  •   Naturally lifts and heals skin
  •   Improves texture and stimulates skin
  •   Lifts blood circulation
  •   It is a relaxing ritual that can be used morning and night calms the mind and opens sinus pathways.

The Bio-Series nourishes saggy and wrinkled skin and slows down the ageing process.