R 212.50 R 250.00

HANNON Super Lash Mascara Long Last (Black) :

A totally unique mascara currently on the market. It has a waterproofformula that does not flake or smudge easily! The formulation of the mascara is made up of liquid plastic, along with other beneficial Ingredients. Because of the liquid plastic, the mascara cannot be removed with normal make-up remover. As plastic melts with heat, you can only remove it by applying a warm, damp cloth on your lashes, gently wiping off the mascara.

When applying the mascara you can instantly see how it lengthens and thickens, while at the same time separates each individual lash, almost like painting on false eyelashes. It is suitable for all eye types ranging from normal to highly sensitive.

SKU: HN3020
HANNON Super Lash Mascara Long Last (Black)
R 212.50 R 250.00

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