R 415.00
SKU: GA1466

Lighten, Purify, Clarify

This toner completes make-up remonly and helps tighten the appearance of pores. Alcohol free. All skin types.

Ideal for : Completing make-up remonly, purifying and clarifying your skin.

Visible Results :

  • The skin feels toned and soft.
  • The complexion appears brighter and more luminous.

2-gatineau-passport-points.jpgTwo Beauty Passport Points

We open a Beauty Passport Card for YOU when YOU first purchase Gatineau products from www.absoluteskin.co.za. We keep your card and add your points to the card each time you purchase any Gatineau products. When you have accumulated 51 points or more you are entitled to a free Gatineau product according to the chart below.

A selected range of products is available to choose from and not all Gatineau products are available for selection - These products are marked individually at the top of the product page "PASSPORT CHOICE"

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Total Points : Product value choice up to :

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  • 66 to 70 = R400.00
  • 71 to 76 = R575.00
  • 77 to 85 = R695.00
  • up to 86 = R750.00 to R995.00