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Exfoliating Cream Sensitve skin

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Ideal for mature skins it leaves the complexion looking radiant and more youthful. For all women with a sensitive skin looking for a soft and expert gommage (scrub). It contains an Essential Oil Complex (yellow Mandarin, Rosemary and Lavender) which revitalizes, tones and stimulates the skin, to gently lift off dead skin cells. The Botanical Oil Complex (Sweet Almond, Jojoba, Sunflower and Cranberry seed) nourishes, increasing suppleness and adding radiance.

Results :

  • The skin is supple and refreshed.
  • The complexion is radiant.
  • The face is glowing with youthfulness and vitality.
Apply a thin, even layer of cream to the entire face and neck, avoiding the eye area.
Massage the cream until the texture changes - you will feel the product separating into a thin oily layer, with small, soft particles moving over the skin's surface, as dead skin cells are gently lifted off.
Rinse your face and neck to remove remaining product, dry and follow with mask/toner.
Repeat twice a week.
SKU: GA6263
GATINEAU Peeling Expert Pro Radiance Anti Aging Gommage 75ml
R 495.00 R 550.00

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