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Gatineau Melatogenine Refreshing Cleansing Cream : (Jumbo Size)

Smooth, Soften, Moisturize

Quick and easy to use luxurious refreshing 2 in 1 cleanser. Gently and thoroughly removes all impurities from the face and neck while toning and boosting the age-defense action. A foaming cleanser that softens and smoothes, gently exfoliates and leaves skin supple, clear and invigorated. Melatogenine goes to work on the skin’s cells for a smoother, more luminous face. This product is concentrated so a little goes a long way. Anti-Ageing, all skin types.

Ideal for : Women who want rapid make-up removal and who like rinse-off products.

It is effectively used by men as a dual cleansing and shaving cream.

Visible Results:

  • Skin that feels clear, soft and supple, radiating purity.
  • A sensation of freshness.
  • A more luminous complexion.
Apply to face and throat on dampened skin. Not to be applied on the eyes.
Massage in gentle circular motions, then rinse off thoroughly with water.
Follow with anti-age skin care cream.

Melatogenine: (helps slow down keratinization) (helps smooth and tone the skin for a more youthful condition)
Sweet Almond Oil (leaves the skin feeling nourished, soft and supple)
Moisturizing complex and Glycol derivatives (provide skin with all the moisture and comfort it needs)