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  1. Ideal Toner for Sensitive Skin.

Beauty Passport Points: 2
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Indispensable after the Gentle Silk Cleanser, this toner gently completes make-up remonly. This alcohol-free toner gently and effectively tones and corrects the skin's PH balance. This toner is so gentle it is suitable for sensitive skin.

Ideal for : If your skin suffers from "overheating" and/or stinging and/or itching sensations.

Visible results : The skin feels ideally clean and soothed.

Apply onto cotton wool pads and gently wipe over face and neck avoiding the eye area.
Use after cleansing with Gentle Silk Cleanser, to complete the cleansing routine and to prepare the skin for a moisturiser.

Silk powder for calming and soothing
Sericin a silk protein for nutrition and protection
Almond extract to soften and comfort
Hazelnut extract for desensitizing and decongesting.

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