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Cleanse, Soothe, Smooth

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Ideal as an essential daily skin care step, this cleansing milk gently removes all traces of make-up while respecting skin balance. Massaged gently into the skin, it picks up and suspends make-up and impurities so they are easily removed, leaving the skin soft, comfortable and well-cleansed. For sensitive skin.

Ideal for : If your skin suffers from "overheating" and/or stinging and/or itching sensations.

Visible Results : The skin is clean and soft.

Apply morning and evening onto dry skin. Massage gently then emulsify with water and remove. If wearing make-up repeat to ensure all traces are removed.
Follow with the Gentle Silk Toner to complete the cleansing routine.

Silk powder for calming and soothing
Sericin a silk protein for nutrition and protection
Almond extract to soften and comfort
Hazelnut extract for desensitizing and decongesting.
GATINEAU Gentle Silk Cleanser (JUMBO) 390ml
37200 46500

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