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Spot Muscle Corrector

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With a roller-ball applicator, you can massage this targeted wrinkle correcting treatment directly to the area of concern for a muscle relaxing action. Collagen
plumps and smooths whilst Vitamins C, E and F nourish and protect the skin. Dramatically reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles around the face, eyes and lips, you'll see a more youthful appearance in an instant.
Suitable for ages 30 years and above.

For women aged 25+ for first Younger Complexion response.

Apply directly to expression lines and wrinkles morning and evening.

Tri-collagen complex derived from innovative collagen technology, it provides mutliple benefits. Soft and velvety skin, which is protected, stronger, and more resilient; and a smooth, youthful and plumped texture.
Pro-Collagen- a natural marine precursor of collagen these very thin particles penetrate deep in the upper layers of the skin to help stimulate collagen synthesis and smooth wrinkles. It has excellent moisture properties to impart smoothness.
Atel-Collagen - marine solubilised collagen
Marine soluble Collagen - with powerful cosmetic properties
Hyaluronic acid - increases the skins ability to hold water in the skin.
Marine Elastine

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